Pediatric Hydrokinesis in the most modern specialty complex for babies

First of all, your child cannot be on better hands, our therapists are dedicated professionals, experienced, who combine therapy with playing for the best results. The enviroment is specially designed for children, everything takes place in a lovely atmosphere where your child will come with joy. We have an unique water treatment plant, specially designed for kids and infants, the most advanced European technology , the most performant plant in Romania, consisting in 3 water treatment steps, controlled by a process computer – pool management system ( PMS)





Our Services

Dedicated exclusively to babies and children

Our team

Experienced therapists in working with babies and, most importantly, with great love for them

Our therapists are very well trained, experienced in working with infants and children, and the most important they have a huge love for children. We have a young, professional, motivated and cheerful team prepared to assist your children develop in the best way possible and to recover for the whole range of conditions that occur to babies and children. Our therapists will guide the little patient’s first steps in a professional, creative and motivational manner, having the mission of keeping the beauty and colour of childhood alive through the sessions.


Patrick Luca
Patrick Luca - 26.feb 2017
True 5 star indeed. Excellent service and good times.
Victor Nicholas Constantinescu
Victor Nicholas Constantinescu - 10 feb 2017
Not cheap, but worth it: excellent facilities and excellent trainer. I'm impressed with the temperature control and no-chemical solutions. Our baby seems to genuinely enjoy it each time.
Laura Cirja
Laura Cirja - 4 feb 2017
The best experience ever for my little child! Congrats!
Buliga Lionel
Buliga Lionel - 26.feb 2017
Le meilleur endroit au monde pour un enfant qui on veut l'amener sur l'Everest d'une vie de vainqueur.
Serghei Malinov
Serghei Malinov - 04.feb 2017
Wonderful location, excellent staff!


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